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Modifying Land Management in Order to Improve Efficiency of Rainwater Use in the African Highlands

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According to this study, a range of land management practices is available to help improve green water use efficiency. These practises can be classified according to their function. Hedgerow barriers and terraces can mitigate runoff; infiltration rates below hedgerows in Kenya were found to be three to eight times higher than where the crop was grown. Mulch that triggers soil fauna can improve water availability; mulching with straw from a local perennial grass in Burkina Faso doubled the water use efficiency from 1 kg mm-1 without fauna to 2 kg mm-1 with fauna. Water harvesting and water-nutrient synergy can improve water use; in case permeable barriers combined with the use of compost Sorghum yield in Burkina Faso was 2.3 times higher than in the control plots and the plots with the barriers only.