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Mainstreaming Gender in Water Management: A Practical Journey to Sustainability

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This guide serves as a comprehensive and practical tool to help project managers, gender specialists and researchers to mainstream gender into water management. Mainstreaming gender in this area is critical to reaching the Millenium Development Goals. Developed in consultation with stakeholders in various regions and supported by the Gender Water Alliance, the guide consists of five parts: (1) An introduction and overview notes on gender mainstreaming in integrated water resources management; (2) An annotated guide bringing together a wide range of existing tools and materials on domestic water supply, sanitation, hygiene, irrigation, coastal zone management, and fisheries; (3) Briefing notes on bringing a gender perspective to water sector capacity building, equality between women and men, and institutional capacity to promote gender in integrated water resources management projects; (4) Case studies and good practices from around the globe; (5) A guide to gender mainstreaming within the project cycle, with suggestions of how to tackle issues at each stage.