After COP21 this report from CARE and Action Aid summarises that overall, governments must adopt a bold way forward on loss and damage in the Paris Agreement, to ensure that the issue has permanence and durability under the new framework. 

It includes case studies and makes recommendations on:

Emissions reductions
Scaling-up adaptation
Reflecting the need for additional financial and technical support 
Ensuring that institutional arrangements under the Paris Agreement have a mandate to further strengthen work on addressing loss and damage
Exploring and establish financial instruments
Promoting additional concrete actions to assist the poorest and most vulnerable in facing loss and damage
Coordinating and developing legal and policy frameworks
Providing for full and effective public participation in the work of the mechanism.

The paper concludes the international community must continuously address the associated problem by deepening their understanding, determining and implementing actions, and agreeing means of support. This would resemble the way that discussions continue on adaptation and mitigation, as awareness grows, and solutions are enacted.

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