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Look before you leap: a risk management approach for incorporating climate change adaptation into World Bank operations

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I. Burton
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There is limited experience in factoring impacts of climate change and adaptation into development and poverty reduction strategies. This paper examines the approaches and methods in mainstreaming adaptation activities into development activities, and proposes suggestions for the next phases of implementation. The authors find that adaptation involves policy and evaluation as well as primary projects and measures.Previous and current World Bank operations associated with climate adaptation provide important lessons for further work and it is suggested that the next phase of operations will be a "learning phase".The authors’ primary suggestion is that a climate risk management approach should be taken with climate risk assessments becoming a standard component of World Bank activities and projects. These risks would then be reflected in Country Assistance Strategies. Recommendations for next steps include:
supporting the mainstreaming of adaptation activities by routinely incorporating climate risk management into World Bank work at a country levelestablishing a Climate Risk Management Knowledge Base for the screening of projects for climate riskcentralising and coordinating support by strengthening the current Global Climate Change Team and the Disaster Management Facility.