Local Voices Global Choices is an interagency initiative supported by Action aid, British Red Cross, Christian Aid, Global Network of CSOs for Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR), International federation of the Red Cross, Oxfam, Practical Action, ProVention Consortium, Save the Children, and Tearfund.This report contains a number of case studies from around the world, which highlight what can be achieved when local voices are respected and different actors come together to form strategic partnerships to work collaboratively to reduce disaster risks. Case studies analysed include:

community involvement in the vulnerability and capacity analysis and formulation of community action plans: case study from Malawi
building community resilience to both foreseeable and unforeseen hazard events by increasing their livelihood options and means of self-protection: case study from Nepal
learning about sustainable agriculture practices and carrying out land adaptability testing in order to select the best crops to grow in the changed soil: case study from Philippines
create and train pastoralist communities to build new sale yards and operate Livestock Market Associations (LMAs): marketing disaster risk reduction case study from Kenya
using radio programmes to spread disaster risk reduction messages to communities: case study from Afghanistan

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