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Livelihoods and climate change: combining disaster risk reduction, natural resource management and climate change adaptation in a new approach to the reduction of vulnerability and poverty

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This paper discusses a variety of issues surrounding livelihoods and climate change.
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while climate change is not the only threat to natural resources and livelihoods, climate-induced changes to resource flows will affect the viability of livelihoods unless effective measures are taken to protect and diversify them through adaptation and other strategies
for the poorest and most vulnerable, strategies should include ecosystem management and restoration activities such as watershed restoration, agroecology, reef protection and rangeland rehabilitation
if adaptation strategies should reflect the dynamics of peoples’ livelihoods, then adaptation must be seen as a process that is itself adaptive and flexible to address locally-specific and changing circumstances
institutional capacity must be strengthened in order to lessen the gaps between local and national processes, and between formal and informal patterns of economic activity and resource management.

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