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Lived experiences: Adaptation to climate change in Gogonyo sub country, Palisa District, Uganda

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N. Susan
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Communities which are remotely located in countries such as Uganda, have limited access to social services, dependent on natural resources for their livelihoods and may have limited opportunity to influence the policies that affect their lives are, therefore, likely to be more vulnerable. Gogonyo Sub- County in Pallisa District, Eastern Uganda, represents some of these characteristics and has been affected lately by droughts, excessive rainfall and dry spells, exposing people to hunger to such an extend that some food handouts were distributed in the area.This report presents results of a study that was conducted to assess the effects of climate change on rural livelihoods in Gogonyo with the aim of identifying practical adaptation and mitigation strategies for the population. The study assesses community perceptions on climate change, vulnerability. It also examines the impacts to livelihoods and socio-economic setup of the Gogonyo sub-county.