This report presents the results of a study on lighting products market research in Ethiopia that was commissioned by the Lighting Africa Program. Its main objectives are "to provide key stakeholders with market insights and data for their strategic/marketing plans and inform the design and implementation plan for a Lighting Africa program". The study analyzed the Ethiopian lighting products market, looking at available lighting sources, consumption and expenditures, consumer preferences and willingness to pay. It provides estimates on the market size for appropriate off-grid lighting products and an analysis of the lighting products competitive landscape, distribution channels, and existing barriers to off-grid lighting products. The report also maps out key stakeholders and their roles and potential contributions. The market survey covered consumers (households and small/micro enterprises) in off-grid rural, peri-urban and gird connected urban areas; lighting products manufacturers, importers, distributors and retailers; and other key stakeholders. The market research was undertaken in three interrelated phases. These are (1) an inception phase, during which the objective and scope of research was defined and the research methodology including sample design, instruments (questionnaires, focus group interview checklists, and stakeholder checklists were developed); (2) a data collection phase that included extensive documentation review, conducting household and enterprise surveys, interviews and discussions with stakeholders, and (3) an analysis phase, during which the team synthesized and analysed all data collected data.

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