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International climate efforts beyond 2012: report of the climate dialogue at Pocantico

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This report outlines the conclusions of the Climate Dialogue at Pocantico, a group of 25 from government, business, and civil society brought together by the Pew Centre for a series of discussions exploring options for advancing the international climate effort post-2012.Dialogue participants call for a more flexible international framework allowing countries to take on different types of climate commitments. As a step toward that, the report urges the convening of a high-level political dialogue among major economies to begin scoping out post-2012 strategies.The report describes several “elements” or policy approaches and ways they could be linked to one another under the 1992 Framework Convention on Climate Change. The elements include:emission targets and trading, with targets varying in form, stringency, and timingagreements negotiated across the power, automotive, or other key sectorspolicy-based approaches committing countries to steps advancing both climate and development objectives without binding them to fixed emission limitsstronger cooperation to develop long-term “breakthrough” technologies and to deploy existing and new technologies in developing countriesnew assistance to help highly vulnerable countries cope with urgent adaptation needs and support the development of comprehensive national adaptation strategiesThe report argues that a high-level dialogue among major economies seeking broader political consensus on future multilateral efforts may be most productive if convened outside the formal negotiating process, but that any formal agreements should be negotiated under the Framework Convention.