The specific aims of the reef engineering and enhancement project of the AWE initiative to build coastal resillience in the face of climate change were:

1. To use an eco-engineering approach to reduce the coastal erosion and storm related salt water flooding affecting the Grenville and Telescope area in the northern section of Grenville Bay, Grenada.

2. To restore the wave-breaking function of the degraded reefs in northern Grenville Bay and to facilitate the reestablishment of coral growth and ecological functions in the Bay.

3. To demonstrate the feasibility of a new eco-engineered sub-merged breakwater design that can be installed utilizing local community labor, at lower cost and with higher ecosystem benefits than traditional grey infrastructure such as seawalls, rip rap, and groins

The case study here illustrates how researchers and local teams put the barrier in place and the plans for subsequent work in building a community prepared with coastal resilience.

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