Solutions to integrate variable renewables

The present Innovation Landscape study, prepared by the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA), aims to provide a clear and comprehensive guide to such solutions. It seeks to support informed decision-making, assist in the creation of enabling policy frameworks, help nurture targeted innovation and, ultimately, facilitate the accelerated transition to renewables. The present report maps and categorises examples of the innovations being developed and implemented globally to facilitate the largescale integration of variable renewable power. This main report will be augmented by innovation briefs and online resources which will permit closer examination of each innovation type. The study highlights the broad range of innovations available that could not just accelerate renewable energy deployment to meet demand, but could also help to ensure that the energy transformation is global and inclusive. IRENA will continue to work with its Members on fostering renewable energy innovation and deployment, in line with their national economic, social and environmental goals as well as with global climate and sustainable development objectives.

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