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Innovation Case Studies

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I am pleased to introduce the WWF Climate Savers Innovation Reports, which reveal how world-leading companies are taking imaginative, effective steps to make major cuts in their CO2 emissions. Innovation is central to successful business. No successful company rests on its laurels – the need to move forward demands new ideas and new approaches, and this is exactly what the Climate Savers companies have demonstrated. The innovations they have developed range from creative ideas in renewable energy generation to management initiatives designed to motivate and fully involve staff; and from adaptation of business models to cutting back travel through the use of leading edge telepresence solutions. All in all the Climate Savers companies have driven forward the emission-reduction agenda with vigour and determination. We are entering the new low carbon economy. The WWF Climate Savers companies are leading the way through their inventiveness and their positive, forward-looking action on CO2 reduction. WWF is committed to working with companies that are determined to make exceptional cuts in their emissions. This is what the Climate Savers programme is about. It is part of WWF’s global mission to stop the degradation of our planet’s natural environment, and to build a future in which humans live in harmony with nature. Reducing carbon emissions is good for the planet. But crucially, it is also good for business, as the Reports show. Reducing emissions can deliver cost savings, and positive return on investment, as well as reputational gain. All the Climate Savers companies have already made significant steps in reducing their emissions. The Innovation Reports bear witness to their continuing work - the process of sustainability never stands still. And neither does competition - being a Climate Savers partner strengthens a company’s competitive position for the future. We believe these Reports will inspire others to follow where the Climate Savers companies are leading - to success in the new, clean economy.

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