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Information networks and power: confronting the "wicked problem" of REDD+ in Indonesia

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M. Moelinono
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This journal article suggests weak information exchange between the Indonesia national government, national civil society, and transnational actors when it comes to Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation (REDD+). It argues that the emergence of brokers able to connect these different clusters will be crucial for effective and inclusive REDD+ governance. Although REDD+ has involved public consultation, this paper argues that decisions have remained top-down but that adaptive governance and transformational change require cross-scale and cross-sectoral communication.

The documented research used data obtained through semistructured and structured interviews held in 2011 with representatives from a broad range of organisations some way involved in the national REDD+ policy processes in Indonesia. It found that organisations perceived as most influential in REDD+ policy formulation, often, but not exclusively, those with institutional authority over particular aspects of REDD+, tend not to seek information from other actors and that organisations exchange information primarily within three clusters of similar organizations, with weak connections between clusters.