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Indore City Resilience Strategy

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This document is prepared with the aim of providing a framework for development of climate resilience strategy for the city of Indore. It has been developed based on interaction with city stakeholders, sector studies conducted to understand different dimensions of current situation, information from secondary literature, and through conduct of risk to resilience workshop. The City Resilience Strategy, is aimed at city managers and people at large. This document is based on the current situation and has a scope for updation to reflect emerging trends over time. The resilience strategies will therefore evolve over time with better understanding of climate change phenomena as well as emerging city level issues. There are four sections in this document: Variability & Change : Dynamic factors that would affect the city Possible Impacts: Understood based on the infrastructure of the city Evaluation & Assessment: Determines the Capacities, Vulnerabilities & Constrains of the city towards the better CRS Prioritized Strategies: To reduce the impacts of the climate change on the city

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