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Indian Renewable Energy Status Report Background Report for DIREC 2010

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D.S. Arora, Sarah Busche, Shannon Cowlin, Tobias Engelmeier, Hanna Jaritz, Anelia Milbrandt, Shannon Wang
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This report comprehensively reviews the status of renewable energy deployment and policies in India. It describes the institutional framework guiding energy development in India (at the national and regional levels), the main policy drivers impacting energy, and the major policy actions India has taken that impact renewable energy deployment. The report presents estimates of potential for wind, solar, small hydropower, and bioenergy, and the deployment of each of these technologies to date in India. The potentials for India to meet large-scale generation needs and provide access to remote, non-electrified populations are also covered. Finally, the enabling environment required to facilitate rapid scale of renewable energies is discussed, including technology transfer and status of financing in India.