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India renewable energy trends

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A. Ringwald
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India has developed to a stage where it is generally recognised that renewable energy is the most substantial and sustainable solution to its future needs. This paper provides an objective analysis of present day trends in renewable energy in India. Taking stock of current focus and initiatives, the author underscores the need for more of a thrust and innovative approach to accelerating the growth of the sector.
It is argued that China and India’s energy challenges will be the world's energy challenges. The authors call for a collective response to the situation. Already, they argue, there is a recognition within private companies that the key to their future expansion into India’s rural areas lies in providing off grid electricity solutions.
The paper also highlights the economic role that renewable energy has to play in India. Several trends are outlined, which point to a renewed momentum behind the renewable energy campaign in India and the role that technology can play.
Other areas considered within this report include:

Indian renewable energy in rural areas
a creative approach to carbon credits
introducing clean transport to India
micro finance and micro utilities
using Indian IT to provide clean technologies