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Implications for coral reef management and policy: relevant findings from the 9th International Coral Reef Symposium

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B. Best
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The International coral reef symposium is held every four years. This book summarises key research presented at the 2000 event. Over 1400 papers were presented, the best of these and overarching themes are synthesised here.These are organised into a number of stand alone sections:the status of coral reefsthe state of research knowledgeresource managementsocio-economics and capacity buildingtrade and managementassessment and monitoringglobal climate change and coral reefsThe authors draw out some key recommendations from the 9th ICRS :For Policymakers reduce greenhouse gases and address climate change address threats from invasive species and coral diseasesstrengthen law enforcementreduce land-based sources of marine pollutionexpand and strengthen marine protected areasenhance communication of scientific information to the general publicFor Researchersencourage research targeted to management needsconduct valuation studies of coral reefsincrease monitoring studies for more informed managementFor Managersimplement co-management approaches implement ecosystem level managementmake more use of socioeconomic information in managementpromote stakeholder participation and participatory decision-making in managementexercise vigilance and precautionary approaches in all coral reef fisheriesprohibit destructive fishing practices – such as explosives, cyanide and other poisons, dredging, and trawlingEach piece includes useful references and contact details for relevant organisations.