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The impact of sea level rise on developing countries: a comparative analysis

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S. Dasgupta
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This paper assess the consequences of continued sea level rise (SLR) for 84 developing countries divided by region. The aim of this research was to produce a baseline estimate of the impacts of SLR that can be used by policymakers and international development institutions when allocating resources for adaptation to climate change. The following indicators were used to assess SLR impacts: land area affectedpopulation affectedgross domestic product (GDP) changesurban impact (based on area) agricultural impact (based on area)wetlands (based on area)The paper reveals that potential impact of SLR will be skewed, with only a small proportion of countries, such as Bahamas, Vietnam, and Arab Republic of Egypt experiencing catastrophic impacts although for many others the absolute magnitude of impacts will also be large. Despite this skew it is estimated that within this century, hundreds of millions of people are likely to be displaced by SLR, which will lead to severe economic and ecological damage.The final part of the paper recommends that international resource allocation strategies should recognise the skewed impact distribution in order to allocate aid according to the degree of threat. Nevertheless, immediate planning for adaptation is imperative.