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The Impact of Rate Design and Net Metering on the Bill Savings from Distributed Photovoltaics (PV) for Residential Customers in California

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N. Darghouth, G. Barbose, R. Wiser
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This report analyzes the bill savings from photovoltaic (PV) deployment for residential customers of California's two largest electric utilities - Pacific Gas and Electric and Southern California Edison. The analysis is based on hourly load data from a sample of 215 residential customers, matched with simulated hourly PV production for the same time period based on data from the nearest of 73 weather stations in the state.The goal of the report is to help policymakers who seek to support the development of distributed PV understand both how the bill savings benefits of PV varies under net metering and how the bill savings under net metering compares to savings associated with other possible compensation mechanisms.