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Impact of Climate Change on Rural Salvadorian Farmers

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J. Dorrace
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The objective of this consultancy is to explore climate change impacts on food supply and security as well as on hazards that threaten subsistence farmers in El Salvador. The GWU Capstone Team (team) was tasked with conducting a field study on the perception of a group of subsistence farmers on climate change and hazards, and perceived impacts on living conditions–-with particular attention to vulnerable groups such as women. Based on research and interactions in the field, the team identified potential actions that farmers could take to increase resilience to the challenges they face and overcome key barriers to enhancing food security. Finally, recommendations are provided for leverage points in which El Salvador Farmer to Farmer USAID program (FTF) implementing organizations in El Salvador (Winrock and Plan International) can help the targeted group of farmers to attain FTF goals, as well as considerations for future work.