The multi-functional Amager Bakke waste-to-energy facility in Copenhagen raises the bar for resource optimisation with an energy efficiency of 107% and high potential for recycling and recovery. On top, it literally offers an inventive recreational space with ski slopes and climbing walls.

All over Europe, countries are working hard to reduce their reliance on fossil fuels in power and heat production. Meanwhile, a large share of the energy supply will be based on fossil fuels for decades to come.

As a consequence, waste-to-energy (WtE) facilities will continue to make an important contribution to fulfil the climate goals and high energy-efficiency targets. Rising from the ground in the centre of Copenhagen, the Amager Bakke WtE facility is being established by Amager Resource Centre (ARC) as an important step to meet future demands by supplying low-carbon electricity to 550,000 people and district heating to 140,000 households.

As the Owner’s Engineer, Ramboll has helped the client boost the energy output to record-high levels and reduce emissions to far below limit values. The environmental protection technology applied at the facility, including inter alia front-end selective catalytic reduction and wet flue gas treatment, will result in an extremely green profile.

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