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How to advance cellulosic biofuels. Assessment of costs, investment options and policy support

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D. Peters
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The use of advanced biofuels, meaning here those produced from agricultural or forest residues or energy crops, in transport is generally viewed as a sustainable manner in which to mitigate the growing climate impact of the transport sector.

However, the share of advanced biofuels in the total supply of biofuels in the EU is low. Less than 1% o f the total EU fuel mix consists of advanced biofuels. This limited relevance of advanced biofuels in the current marketplace does not reflect the importance that EU policy makers attach to these biofuels, which often have a better sustainability and greenhouse gas saving performance than conventional biofuels.

Much more is possible, especially when looking at the total availability of biomass residues in the EU.

[Adapted from author abstract]