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A Healthy Climate? Gender Justice and Climate Protection

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This flyer discusses how gender relates to climate change, shows what actions are needed to ensure that climate change policies and practices are gender sensitive, and provides links to further information. It highlights:?Differences in women's and men's level of participation and involvement in decision-making on climate change?Differences in the impacts climate change has on women and men?Differences in women's and men's perceptions of climate change risks, and?Differences in the level of information that women and men have about climate change.It argues that taking gender differences into account in the planning of climate protection measures and in the shaping of policies on climate change would be an important step towards achieving gender equality and reducing the adverse impacts of climate change. This requires that women are involved at all levels of climate-protection negotiations and in all decisions on climate protection. The participation of gender experts from the relevant areas (energy, transport, agriculture) must also be ensured. Further, the briefing recommends that all data relating to climate change be gender-disaggregated.

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