This guidebook is intended to serve as a resource for countries in Africa as they consider options to develop bioenergy production capacity. Some level of bioenergy production capacity exists in Africa, though not on a large scale. Possibilities for the production of bioenergy are manifest in the short term through the use of feedstocks such as Jatropha, sugar cane, and sweet sorghum, and in the long term through the use of agricultural, municipal, and industrial waste. This guidebook provides (1) information on the production processes for the priority types of bioenergy in Africa; (2) information on application technologies for the various types of bioenergy that are currently suitable to Africa, in order to help investors and policymakers understand exactly how the technology will benefit African society; (3) information on associated economic and environmental effects in relation to priority modern bioenergy conversion technologies; (4) selected case studies highlighting experiences in different African countries and lessons learned to date.

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Renewable energy