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Guidance for promoting synergy among activities addressing biological diversity, desertification, land degradation and climate change

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This report highlights the major biological factors that contribute to ecosystem resilience under the projected impacts of global climate change. It assesses the potential consequences for biodiversity of particular adaptation activities under the thematic areas of the Convention on Biological Diversity, provides methodological considerations when implementing these activities, and highlights research and knowledge gaps. The report contains:an assessment of the integration of biodiversity considerations in the design and implementation of adaptation activitiesapproaches, methods and tools for planning, designing and implementing adaptation activities that also include biodiversity considerationskey points for advice.The report both recognises the potential of, and stresses the need for, synergy in the implementation of activities that interlink biodiversity conservation, mitigation of and adaptation to climate change, and land degradation. The report recommends the following:national policies, programmes and plans for adaptation that take biodiversity considerations into accountaccounting for natural disaster preparedness and relevant mitigation actions within the context of sustainable developmentmaintaining biodiversity as a part of all national policies, programmes and plans for adaptation to climate change to allow ecosystems to continue providing goods and servicesaccounting for the maintenance and restoration of resilience in programmes and plans for adaptation to climate changeusing the various approaches, methods and tools that are currently available for planning, designing and implementing planned adaptation activitiesthe implementation of more adaptation activities, extraction of lessons learned, improvements in methods and tools, documentation of best practices and dissemination of this information through the clearing-house mechanism under the Convention on Biological Diversity.