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Greenhouse Gas Mitigation in China, Brazil, and Mexico: Recent Efforts and Implications

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Matthew Ogonowski, Jake Schmidt, Haibing Ma, Mark Houdashelt, Diana Movius, Ned Helme
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In November 2006, the Center for Clean Air Policy (CCAP) released a report, Greenhouse Gas Mitigation in Brazil, China, and India: Scenarios and Opportunities Through 2025, which revealed that developing countries are undertaking meaningful measures to reduce their emissions. This report provides an updated consideration of developing country “unilateral actions.” It finds that full implementation of these “unilateral actions" is estimated to significantly reduce GHG emissions. Recognizing and encouraging these and other “unilateral actions,” as well as providing incentives and appropriate international policy structures to undertake further reductions, will be an essential element of the post-2012 response to climate change.