Carbon Neutral Buildings is an upcoming concept in building sector. It is being promoted and some builders/ developers are willing to take it further. A popular approach for designing a carbon neutral building is as follows:

  1. Integrating passive design strategies                                     
  2. Designing a high performance building envelope
  3. Specifying energy efficient HVAC systems, lighting and appliances           
  4. Installing on-site renewable energy
  5. Offsetting

As there are diverse views from building sector in India, capacity building and awareness on GHG Accounting, is required among this sector. Awareness on benefits of ‘GHG Management’ in building sector can reap long term benefits for this dynamic and fast-growing sector. Further, India specific GHG emission inventory standard for construction phase and tool for GHG emission inventorization need to be built up and disseminated among construction and building sector.

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