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Golden Rules for a Golden Age of Gas

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Robert Priddle ed.
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Highlighting the recent growth and future prospects for natural gas production, this report presents two hypothetical cases for future natural gas development: one in which the world enters the "Golden Age of Gas" by economically exploiting vast unconventional sources of natural gas, and one in which concerns about the possible environmental and social damage caused by extracting unconventional sources of gas causes a public backlash, limiting the widespread use of unconventional techniques and restraining the growth of the natural gas sector through 2035.
The report recommends a set of "Golden Rules" for future natural gas development intended to address the environmental and social impacts of unconventional development through full transparency; measurement and monitoring of negative impacts; and local engagement.
The executive summary is available in Chinese and Polish. On the report website, policymakers can also download an annex of regulations and best practices.