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Global environmental governance: options & opportunities

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D.C. Esty
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This collection of essays assembles the accumulated collective knowledge on global environmental governance generated by the Global Environmental Governance Project. It draws on different perspectives from authors of five continents aiming to contribute to the policy dialogue with a rigorous reform agenda that will strengthen global environmental governance.Titles of the essays included are:The global environmental agenda: origins and prospects, by James Gustave Speth Flying blind: assessing progress toward sustainability, by David Hales and Robert Prescott-AllenThe North-South knowledge divide: consequences for global environmental governance, by Sylvia KarlssonThe role of NGOs and civil Society in global environmental governance, by Barbara Gemmill and Abimbola Bamidele-IzuRegional environmental governance: examining the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) model, by Koh Kheng Lian and Nicholas A. RobinsonGlobal public policy networks as coalitions for change, by Charlotte StreckSustaining global environmental governance: innovation in environment and development finance, by Maritta R.v.B. Koch-WeserMaking environmental deals: the economic case for a world environmental organization, by John Whalley and Ben ZissimosRevitalizing global environmental governance: a function-driven approach, by Daniel C. Esty and Maria H. IvanovaClimate change: national interests or a global regime?, by Christiana Figueres and Maria H. IvanovaThe road ahead: conclusions and action agenda, by Daniel C. Esty and Maria H. Ivanova