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Global Energy Balance 2012: What's New on the Energy Planet? (Presentation)

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Based on the 2012 global energy balance derived from its database, Enerdata presents some brief findings of global energy trends in 2012 for G20 countries. These include 2.1% economic growth, a 1% increase in energy consumption, a 1.7% decrease in energy intensity, and a 1.4% increase in carbon dioxide emissions. The Enerdata analysis finds that the evolution in energy consumption has been driven by countries with high energy intensity. In addition, emissions have increased more than energy consumption because of the increased contribution by the BRICS countries: Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa. The analysis also presents a number of consumption trends by energy source including gas, coal, oil and renewables. Special attention is paid to the offsetting emissions effects of coal and renewables in the European Union and to Japan's post-Fukishima challenges.