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Gender into Urban Climate Change Initiatives (GUCCI)

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The Women and Gender Constituency
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Description of the project:

The GUCCI project explores the possibilities to integrate gender issues and social aspects into climate policy frameworks. This is done through training and workshops with multiple stakeholders (such as policy-makers, youth groups, women’s groups and advocacy organisations) to ensure co-benefits for all. The project aims to strengthen women’s capacity to identify and raise their own concerns, engage with urban
planning processes, and to take leadership roles in climate change mitigation and adaptation activities. The project was initiated in 2016 and is supported by Gender CC. Currently the project is being implemented in the metropolitan cities of Delhi and Mumbai.

Climate impact:

Based on the initial study of the pertinent schemes and the existing situation in Delhi, steps are being taken to identify linkages between environmental and social issues and climate challenges. It has been observed during interaction with the community that while women are aware of some new health and environmental issues, they are unaware of the nexus between these issues and changing climate patterns. Regular consultation with the community women are held to enhance their resilience capacity.

Gender impact:

The primary focus of the project is advocacy on how women are differently and disproportionately affected by climate change challenges; be it health, access to energy, water or sanitation. The project is also providing a forum for synnergies between grassroots level women and urban policy-makers with the ultimate objective of influencing a gender sensitive climate change policy and plans.

Scalability /replicability:

Based on the assessment of current policies and schemes, the project aims to recommend appropriate solutions to some of the challenges relating to environment and climate change. Including issues of: energy efficiency, waste management, water and sanitation. The project may also be expanded to other urban centres and re-developed as per the context and socio-economic conditions of the city.

All India Women’s Conference