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Gender Primer of Trade and Investment Policies

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P. Sparr
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What are the policy measures put in place by governments to regulate international trade, and how do they relate to gender roles and relationships? This primer firstly makes the case for looking at gender in the context of trade, arguing that trade has different impacts on men and women, and that men and women respond differently to trade policies. It then looks at a number of key policy measures including: tariffs, quotas, subsidies, exchange rates, capital controls/investment limitations, investment incentives, intellectual property and non-tariff barriers. For each concept, a definition, outline of purpose and gendered example is given. One example is the case of tariffs where, in Senegal, the lowering of tariffs on foodstuffs had an adverse effect on a new women's tomato paste micro-enterprise which collapsed when cheap imports of tomatoes flooded the market. This primer concludes that social impact assessments with strong gender components are needed before trade and investment agreements are finalised.

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