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Gender Monitoring, Evaluation & Learning Mainstreaming

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This paper is a first step at demystifying Gender, providing an overarching view of how the international community sees and defines Gender, as a frame of reference to shape our gender impact. This is a living document that will develop as our capacity to monitor and evaluate gender impacts develops.  

The following chapters take us through a series of menu options for customization of REEEP Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning Frameworks with Gender Mainstreamed:

-    Globally recognized indicators for gender;
-    Linkages to SDGs;
-    Processes and leading questions to establish gender baselines and benchmarks at the beginning of a programme;
-    Processes and leading questions to categorize programmes in different gender dimensions, and to monitor and evaluate a programme in the context of gender;
-    Analysis and synthesis frameworks for learnings generated through monitoring and evaluation methods – how to create learning loops.