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Gender and Disaster Sourcebook

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The Gender and Disaster Network hosts this online resource, the Gender and Disaster Sourcebook, which is for gender mainstreaming in disaster risk reduction and post-disaster management. Its intended users include survivors, activists, women’s organisations, research centres and institutes, government entities, as well as aid and humanitarian agencies. Among the types of resources it contains are gender mainstreaming guidelines, in-house reports and documents, first-person accounts, research protocols, training materials, university syllabi, policy guides, checklists and field guides. The ‘Case Studies and Analysis’ section has academic publications (papers, books and literature reviews), government reports, non-governmental reports and bibliographies; they are organised by region, with a category for international resources. Another section of this sourcebook, ‘Cross-cutting Issues,’ lists resources on the following topics: Children & Elders, Indigenous Communities, Undocumented Residents and Differing Abilities; these are suitable for adaptation in a wide range of contexts. The ‘Good Practice’ section has links to particular projects, initiatives, reports, meetings and calls to action; most of these focus on grassroots women’s organisations (local and networked). Other resources in this section cover disaster-specific practices on the ground undertaken by governmental and non-governmental organisations (publications and field projects) on event-specific initiatives, as well as for general use.

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