This paper summarises the outcomes of a workshop to discuss gender and climate change-related research, and its role and use in women's and gender-related advocacy in the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) process.Three questions were addressed:what do we need to know about gender and climate change to influence UNFCCC negotiations? The discussion identified the need for gender-specific data and knowledge in various forms on the causes and impacts of climate change, such as energy consumption and effects on healthwhat do we know already? Participants noted that women are and will be affected more severely than men by climate change due to its linkages with poverty and reproductionwhat questions need to be addressed by future research? A strategic research agenda was formulated at the workshop, which highlighted the need to assess the impacts of climate change on poverty reduction, food and water security, housing, disaster management and conflict.Participants agreed that further networking is needed, as is the development of a strategic future research agenda which will assist in integrating gender into climate related policy-making.[adapted from author]

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