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Gender and Climate Change in the Himalayas

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B. Leduc
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This paper highlights that global warming is impacting on the Himalayas in several ways, and that men and women are affected differently by change.

The paper looks specifically at increased occurrence of natural disasters, depletion of natural resources, changes in traditional livelihoods, migration and population displacement and increased incidence of disease and epidemics.

The paper argues that it is necessary to reiterate the importance of conducting a gender analysis in the mountain context of the impacts of climate change and of incorporating the gender perspective into any plan for addressing both women’s and men’s needs in order to build mountain people’s resilience to climate change, as well as monitoring the impacts of adaptation and mitigation strategies on women and men – ensuring that they both benefit from such strategies. It suggests concrete measures which can be taken to mainstream gender in climate change adaptation strategies.

This background paper was produced for an October 2009 e-discussion on ‘Climate Change in the Himalayas: The Gender Perspective’ organised by ICIMOD and APMN.