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Gender and Climate Change Finance: A Case Study from the Philippines

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This in-depth case study on national-level gender and climate change finance in the Philippines maps the close connections between climate change, agriculture and rural poverty as a way to better understand the gender dimensions of climate financing. The study documents the effects of climate change on Filipina women and assesses decision-making at the national level regarding gender roles and women’s rights in climate finance policy. The study concludes with recommendations for government financing interventions to address women and gender equality in national climate financing policies, programmes and frameworks, including:

creating and ensuring the use of mechanisms for the rural poor and women’s participation in fund management;
enabling equal access to negotiating, developing, managing and implementing adaptation and mitigation financing;
conducting gender impact assessments of adaptation and mitigation strategies;
applying a gender-budgeting lens to the mobilisation and disbursement of funds; and
including disaggregated indicators on the use of mitigation and adaptation funds for targeting and monitoring the benefits to the rural poor and women.

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