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Género y reconstrucción: blog del Observatorio de Género y Equidad

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This blog site by the Gender and Equity Observatory contains a wealth of resources on gender and reconstruction. The Gender and Equity Observatory consists of 20 organisations from Chilean civil society; and is oriented toward political reflection, monitoring and evaluation. This site contains many articles related to the 2010 Chilean earthquake and reconstruction efforts, as well as women’s issues. It also has documentation from the seminar-forum ‘Women and Earthquake: Constructing City/Citizenships’ (Mujeres y Terremoto: Construyendo Ciudad/anías), held in Chile on 4 and 5 June 2010. Additionally, there are links to other resources, including the following two:

‘Training manual: Gender and local development in reconstruction processes’ (Manual de formación: Género y desarrollo local en procesos de reconstrucción) -- This 2009 manual was created by the Peruvian Women’s Centre Flora Tristán, for use in a capacity building project for women earthquake-impacted areas of Peru. This is a six session training programme. This training manual can be accessed here:…
‘Gender equity in disasters: Six principles to mainstream gender in response and reconstruction’ (Equidad de genero en los desastres: Seis principios para transversalizar el género en la respuesta y en la reconstrucción) -- This Gender and Disaster Network document covers topics including working with grassroots women’s organisations, resisting stereotypes, assuming a human rights perspective, and respecting and developing women’s capacities. This document can be accessed here:…