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Framework for adaptation to climate change in the city of Cape Town

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P. Mukheibir,
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This report presents a Framework for Adaptation to Climate Change in the City of Cape Town (FAC4T) - an overarching framework for a city-wide consolidated and coordinated approach to decrease vulnerability to climate impacts. The required steps for the FAC4T are as follows:

assessment of current climate trends and future projections 
undertaking vulnerability assessment for both current and future vulnerabilities 
strategy formulation 
development of adaptation options 
evaluation of priority adaptation strategies 
programme and project scoping and design - City Adaptation Plan of Action (CAPA)
monitoring and evaluation.

The adoption of the FAC4T would lead to the CAPA being implemented in order to consolidate and integrate existing adaptation and climate proofing initiatives. To do this, the report recognises that the following sectors are of vital importance: urban water supplies, supply and demand management; storm water management; biodiversity; fire management; coastal zones; livelihoods; and health. For each of these sectors the paper identifies present and potential adaptation strategies. The report concludes by recommending that certain steps should be taken for the framework to successfully decrease vulnerability to climate impacts:

further focused study is required, mainly to reduce uncertainties in many areas relating to climate projections themselves, and on inferences and sectoral vulnerabilities 
more detailed assessments of vulnerability of key threatened areas, together with a likely timeline of impacts should be undertaken 
adaptation strategies that exist or have been proposed in the report should be considered as the starting point towards the development of a CAPA.