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Food for all: can hunger be halved

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Report providing an introductory overview of issues in light of the FAO's gloomy predictions regarding the global target to halve poverty by 2015. With case studies throughout the paper looks at the connection between hunger and poverty and the policies that are supposed to reduce both. It examines issues related to causes of hunger such as conflict and gender, assesses the global requirement for food in coming years and looks at environmental constraints to increasing food production such as water management and climate change.The authors then critically examine options for sustainable food production - in light of the experiences of the 'Green Revolution' - from organic farming to GM and looking also at provisions for agricultural research.In the final sections the book examines the impact of international trade policy. It looks initially at trade liberalisation and its impacts on food security before going on to scrutinise the WTO Agreement on Agriculture (AoA) and other measures in light of possible reform in forthcoming negotiations.