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Flexibility in 21st Century Power Systems

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Jaquelin Cochran, Mackay Miller, Owen Zinaman, Mcihael Milligan, Doug Arent, Bryan Palmintier, Mark O'Malley, Simon Mueller, Eamonn Lannoye, Aidan Tuohy, Ben Kujala, Morten Sommer, Hannele Holttinen, Juha Kiviluoma, S.K. Soonee
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This paper summarizes emerging analytic frameworks to measure and communicate operational flexibility at various levels of complexity, and the authors address some key concerns and misperceptions of the term. The paper describes a suite of options for decision-makers and regulators—physical, operational and institutional—that can increase flexibility, and their relative costs. The paper concludes by laying out a few key principles for policymakers when considering power system flexibility.