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Final review of the project "Making REDD+ and the Carbon Market Work for Communities and Forest Conservation in Tanzania" implemented by TFCG and Mjumita.

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“Making REDD+ and  the  Carbon  Market  work  for  Communities  and  Forest  Conservation  in Tanzania” is a five-year  project  implemented  by Tanzania  Forest  Conservation  Group (TFCG)  in partnership  with  the  Tanzania community forest conservation network (MJUMITA). The  project worked in two sites in Lindi and Kilosa districts. The project budget was Norwegian kroner (NOK) 41.4  million  (USD 5,914,353) and a no-cost  extension  was  approved  that  resulted  in  the  project being continued until December 2014.
The evaluation uses  the  standard  OECD/DAC  evaluation  criteria  of  relevance,  effectiveness, efficiency, impact and sustainability. In addition, the review team used the four cross-cutting result areas  of  REDD+  readiness,  policy  testing,  REDD+  results  and  broad  stakeholder  involvement  to review  project  outcomes. The  review  was conducted in January-February 2015 in three  phases with meetings in Dar es Salaam followed by visits to the two field sites in Lindi and Kilosa.