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Final review of the project "Combining REDD, PFM and FSC certification in South-Eastern Tanzania" implemented by MCDI and partners

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The project “Combining REDD, PFM and FSC certification in South-Eastern Tanzania” was designed and implemented between January 2010 and December 2014 by Mpingo  Conservation  &  Development Initiative, MCDI in collaboration  with  several  partners  including  academic  institutions,  such  as the University  of  Edinburgh (UoE);  University  College  London (UCL);  and  University  of  East  Anglia (UEA);  in addition  to  the  international  NGO, Fauna  and flora international, and  the  private  companies  Carbon Tanzania and  Maliasili initiatives .  The  total  budget amount of  the  project in USD was 1,948,123.  The intention in the project proposal was to introduce community based fire management (CBFiM) as a means to  reduce  carbon  emissions  from  frequent  and  uncontrolled  wildfires, and  thereby use any REDD+ payments  to  cover  the  transaction  costs  of  establishing participatory  forest  management (PFM)  and Forest stewardship council (FSC) certification in five new villages, and of continued implementation in five villages already supported by the MCDI in Kilwa District.
The  evaluation  uses  the  standard  OECD/DAC  evaluation  criteria  of  relevance,  effectiveness, efficiency, impact and sustainability. In addition, the evaluation team used four cross-cutting result areas of REDD+ readiness,  policy  testing,  REDD+  results and  broad  stakeholder  involvement  to  review  project  outcomes which  were  also  defined  in  the  terms of  reference  to  be  key  evaluation  considerations.  The  review  was conducted in February 2015 entirely in Kilwa District in South-eastern (SE) Tanzania.
Final Review of REDD+ Pilot Projects in Tanzania Report No. 5.