This Technical Paper explores the feasibility of a Caribbean (CARICOM) regional iNDC through the following approach. It should be noted that the issues mentioned hereunder in the approach are cross cutting and cross references were therefore inevitable.

International Context-Decision 1/CP.20 on intended Nationally Determined Contributions (iNDCs):

An analysis of the decision and the context for iNDCs;
An examination of the legal, policy and technical issues associated with the development of a regional iNDC;
An examination of the information required to accompany iNDCs and the implications for a regional iNDC.

In summary, while a regional iNDC may be feasible from a principle perspective, the implementation and practical aspects may provide significant challenges and require further work, including the governance framework at the CARICOM level, the governance framework at the national level, the formulation of an approach to burden or effort sharing at the national level, and the monitoring and tracking competence for measuring, reporting and verification.

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