The fact that, the weather risk has ruined rainfall agriculture. The uncertainty in weather conditionshas put at risk the crop output, production and yield which contributes to the growing distress amongthe rain fed farmers in general and the marginal, small and resource poor farmers in particularresulting distress migration. Therefore, there is a need for rethinking on existing policy framework inorder to ameliorate the conditions of this set of farmers in weather event and rain shadow areas. The rain fed agriculture, assumes signicance primarily due to the fact that a larger proportion iscultivated under rain fed conditions. An Inadequate and unassured irrigation facility along with erraticrainfall conditions has a dampening e!ect on yield and as a consequence, the land productivity hasremained considerably low and unstable over the period of time. "oreover, looking at global climatechange serious weather event, frequency of droughts and #oods have impacted largely the productionand productivity in rain fed and low land areas that has serious e!ect on food, water and nutritionsecurity

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