The content of this website is only available in Spanish. Title in English: International Forum ‘The Gender Dimension in Climate Change and Disaster Risk Management’. This International Forum was held in Mexico in November 2010, just one month before COP 16, the 16th edition of the Conference of the Parties of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change. The Forum aimed to share best practices around gender and climate change, discuss the progress of international negotiations and analyse what actions are necessary to incorporate a gender and human rights perspective in public policies on climate change. Key topics included: water and sanitation, food security, migration, adaptation, financing and public policies, disaster risk management. The website hosts all the papers presented at the Forum, including a paper outlining initiatives taken by Brazilian indigenous women around food security. It highlighted that their participation is essential in efforts of climate change adaptation and mitigation and that the Brazilian government must invest more in indigenous women institutional strengthening. Conference participants made recommendations around financing, mitigation and adaptation. They included: strengthening women’s rights to land and access to natural resources; including women and men in decision-making processes around mitigation; and developing gender differentiated communication strategies to improve information around mitigation, natural resource management and alternative technologies.

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