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Evaluacion Del Potencial De Reduccion De Gases De Efecto Invernadero (GEI) Y Produccion De Energia A Partir De Rellenos Sanitarios Y Vertederos En Ciudades De Costa Rica

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The study "Evaluation of the greenhouse gases and energy production landfills and dumps in the cities of Costa Rica "was financed by the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC) and coordinated by the Ministry of Environment, Energy and Telecommunications (MINAET). By means of methodologies and tools approved by the Development Mechanism (CDM) and by meetings, visits and interviews, the report analyzes future greenhouse gas emissions of solid waste landfills, the possible mitigation of these emissions and the potential of electricity production. The report also analyses the landfills La Carpio, Aserrí, Los Mangos and the Los Pinos within the Great Metropolitan Area (GMA) , such as the dumps of Zagala and Pérez Zeledón and other dumping sites outside of GMA, identifying the most appropriate technologies and evaluating the economic feasibility of projects. The period of analysis covers ten years (2010_2019). Finally, by means of projections and exrtrapolations, the report simulates future emissions and mitigation potential of the entire sector of domestic solid waste of the country