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European Road Transport Research Advisory Council (ERTRAC) Road Transport Scenario 2030+, "Road to Implementation"

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This brochure presents the result of the European Road Transport Research Advisory Council's (ERTRAC) work to develop a ‘road transport scenario.’ It presents a forward-looking guide to: 1) provide environmentally friendly road transport systems and a secure, renewable energy supply; 2) achieve sustainable mobility for passengers and freight in the urban environment; 3) provide (energy) efficient transport solutions (and vehicles) contributing to a reduced environmental footprint for the freight logistics chain, outside the urban environment; and 4) reduce road transport injuries, fatalities, and accidents. In the scenario the future of European Road Transport is presented from three points of view: (i) the most likely outcome, called the ‘common sense’ scenario; (ii) a more ‘enthusiastic’ alternative; and (iii) a more ‘pessimistic’ alternative.