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In Equal Measure: user guide to gender analysis in agroforestry

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World Agroforestry Centre (ICRAF)
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The methods described in this publication may be quite diverse, but they are drawn together by one common thread—a strong commitment towards genderresponsive participatory research that involves the participation and represents the different needs of the end users. Each of the methods showcased in the guide recognizes that smallholder farmers play key roles in food production,
have specialized knowledge regarding the management of natural resources in their specific environments, and are conscious of the value of biodiversity and a healthy environment. The methods further recognize that differences in access, interests, and needs along gender, ethnic, age, and socio-economic lines have an impact on innovation in natural resources management. As such, these methods are in line with the FTA Gender Strategy commitment to promoting gendersensitive participatory research techniques that foster inclusion, learning, and empowerment.