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Energy planning, technologies and sustainability: a primer

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R. M. Hamwey
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This detailed primer discusses the relative performance, costs and resource implications for a wide range of electricity generation technologies. It also describes the necessary steps in the energy planning process needed to match these technologies with the needs of regional, national and local markets.The authors aim to provide non-specialist decision makers with a concise and objective tool for assessing the suitability of various technologies to their particular circumstances. Special attention is given to the environmental impacts of these technologies, particularly with regard to greenhouse gas emissions but economic and social impacts of the various options are also discussed.Technologies covered include:Fossil fuel based technologies Nuclear fuel technologiesbiomasssolarwind powerhydropowergeothermalBroad topic headings covered include:matching supply and demand in electricity marketsselecting the best technologysteps in the energy planning cycleassessing demandassessing direct costsassessing resource implications; indirect costs and benefits